Gregor has decades of experience in the „pro-audio world“ by leading different audio-production facilities in Vienna. 
After being the head of the Yamaha studios in Vienna he established his own studio in the year 2002. He is a well known gear nerd and profound expert for studio equipment and writes reviews for music-magazines. Beside that he teaches sound-engineering at the University of Applied Art in Vienna. As a bass-player he is often booked as studio musician and session player.

Gregor "Keks" Streng

Producer | Arranger | Mixing-engineer | Mastering-engineer | Musician

Beside his work in the sound-studio he is sound-engineer at the
Salzburg Festival. As musician he performed on major festivals and in clubs around the globe. He composes music for bands, films, dance and media-art performances. His works as media artist have been exhibited in galleries&museums like the Russian Museum in St.Petersburg, or the S12 gallery in Bergen, Norway. He is also the founder of Nevaton-Europe, European distribution of high-end condenser microphones from Russia and Bachelor lecturer for the University of West London.

Richard Deutsch

Producer | Composer | Arranger | Mixing-engineer | Live-engineer | Musician


Guitar nerd, studio-musician and producer with a truly impressive collection of amplifiers and pedals. Studied sound-engineering at the University of Applied Art in Vienna. Composer, arranger for various band-projects. Teaches sound-engineering at Deutsche Pop Vienna. Andreas also worked over ten years as product specialist for TC Electronics and for the Vienna Symphonic Library (VSL).


Andreas Koch

Producer | Composer | Arranger | Mixing-engineer | Musician


Ilya studied trumpet in St. Petersburg and Linz. He is engaged in countless projects, from symphonic orchestras to well known pop&rock-bands. Beside his professional music-career he is working for the booking agency and as an event organizer for bands like the Russian pop-act ALAI OLI.

Ilya Fluygeltaub

Producer | Booking Agent | Tour Manager | Musician

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