Recording Salome at the Salzburg Festival

Recording Richard Strauss’s Salome at the Salzburg Festival. Vienna Philharmonic (conductor Welser Most) and a fantastic Asmik Grigorian as Salome in a very strong production, directed by Romeo Castellucci.

FOH for the legendary band „The Godfathers“

I had the great honour to make the sound for The Godfathers. They performed all their hits, e.g. „Birth, School, Work, Death“, or „Cause I said So“ like there’s no tomorrow. Also their support band Glory Dead played a great sounding show. A fantastic Rock ’n‘ Roll eve at the beautiful „Kino Ebensee“.

Sound-engineering for Jools Holland & „The Moulettes“ (GB)

If the whole hall after one third of the concert jumps off their seats and starts dancing, you have probably not done everything wrong as a sound engineer:) Jools Holland with the fantastic vocalists Ruby Turner, Louise Marshall and Mabel Ray and George Latham on drums @ the beautiful Lehar Theater in Bad Ischl.

Guitar recordings for Princesse Angine (AUT/RU)

We used different amps, like Fender Deluxe Reverb, Vox AC30, Marshall 50 Plexi and Schekter and a RM BIV ribbon-mic from Russia, plugged to a Siemens V276 preamp. For acoustic guitar the chain – Nevaton MC51->Siemens V276 preamp ->WSW 601430S compressor/limiter was used in 80% of the songs, the rest we recorded with an original Telefunken U47 -> V276 preamp