Our studios are located in the centre of Vienna (Zirkusgasse, 1020 Vienna) and directly at Wolfgangsee/Salzkammergut.

The Soundbakery Studios in Vienna offer several acoustically treated control rooms and various rooms for tracking.
All the rooms are interconnected.

The Abandoned Zone Studio in St.Wolfgang features a carefully measured and acoustically corrected recording&mixing room with a calibrated high-end Amphion monitoring system. Acoustic treatment with bass-traps, corner traps, diffusers, rfz-panels and hanging traps.

We often collaborate with the fantastic Gold Chamber Mastering Studio which is located close to Vienna.

Horst Pfaffelmayer is a very experienced mastering-engineer, with credits like –

Die Söhne MannheimsSTS, Die Seer, Mondscheiner, Ausseer Hardbradler, 5/8erl in Ehr’n, Russkaja, Wesley Plass, Hannes Treiber, Gottfried Würcher (Nockalm Quintett), Dradiwaberl, Hot Pants Road Club, TCB – Band (Elvis Presley), TicTacToe, 3 Feet Smaller, Hans Theessink, Hartmut Pfannmüller, She Says, Trio Exclusiv, Thomas Rabitsch, Hautsch Baldu Wollasch, Kruder & Dorfmeister, Sofa Surfers, Patrick Pulsinger, Cloud Tissa (…)



Amphion One18’s –  passive high-end studio monitors
Amphion Class-D amp
Lecson Stereo Integrated Amplifier, Designed by the legendary Bob Stuart & Allen Boothroyd of Meridian
Fostex PM-1 active speakers, modded
JBL Control One Pro
Auratone clone
Roth Audioblob with sub


Yamaha NS10


2x Nevaton MC416  – multi-pattern, large capsule condenser mic
Nevaton MC 51  – multi-pattern, large capsule condenser mic
Nevaton MC420 – cardioid large diaphragm condenser microphone
2x Nevaton MC48 stereo-condenser mic
Nevaton MC49 stereo-pair  – small membrane condenser
2x Nevaton MC 403 – boundary layer
Nevaton MC404 – stereo-mic with variable patterns
2x Russian Royer-style Ribbon mic (matched pair)
Oktave MK219
Oktava MK 012 (matched stereo-pair, hyper-cardoid, cardoid, omni)
Oktava MKL-2500 tube-microphone
Shure 57’s,58’s


Telefunken U47
Wide selection of AKG microphones
Groove Tubes
Shure Audix
Sennheiser (classic collection)
Joe Meek
Electro Voice

Mic-pre’s, other pre’s

Universal Audio Twin Finity
Lomo YP-27
Pultec 2-channel tube-pre
NEVE clone – Golden Age Pre-73 DLX
Sansamp PSA-1


2x Telefunken/Siemens V276 discreet mic Pre
10x Studer 900 Series Channel strip Pre +EQ
Joe Meek VC 1
Studer MicValve
Focusrite Isa 430


WSW Dynamikbegrenzer 601431A
Universal Audio 2-1176 Rev. D
NEVE clone – Golden Age Comp 54 MKII
RNC 1773
Stereo-tape-saturation compressor/limiter


Universal Audio 2-1176 Rev. A
4x Urai 1176
Focustrite Red 7
2x Klark dn 500 comp /limiter
TLA Tube Pre Comp stereo
SSL Bus Comp
EMT Transient Limiter

SPL transient designer
5 channel BBE Sonic maximizer
Aphex Studio Dominator
SPL Tube Vitalizer
Aphex exciter


NEVE clone EQ-73


Klark DN410 Pram EQ
STUDER channel strip


Pioneer Spring Reverb – a secret weapon used for vocals of Amy Winehouse
Sansui Spring Reverb
TC Electronics VSS3, DVR2

Soundbakery –

AKG Spring reverb
Yamaha SREV 1
EMT 246S
Yamaha Pro R3
TC Electronics System 6000


Vintage Fender Blackface Bandmaster
Vintage Ampeg Gemini II
Vintage Selmer Treble&Bass Tube-amp
Handwired 30W Tube amp
1970s Lab Series L5 (BB King Amp)


Hiwatt 100 Watt
Fender Deluxe Reverb
Fender Tweed Deluxe with BF Pre
Modern Fender Deluxe
Marshall 50 Plexi Top
Marshall 1974X Combo
1970s Lab Series L5 (BB King Amp)


Vintage 1959 Gibson Es 330
Fender Thinline SX, customized with Lollar Pickups
Vintage Framus archtop with pickup
Several acoustic guitars
Soundbakery –
Yamaha 6 string O – Style
Yamaha 6string Dreadnaught
Yamaha 12 String
Yamaha nylon classical
Dean Brass resonator – Dobro
Washburn Tanglewood
Ibanez 4 string Banjo
Fender Strat RW 54
Gibson Les Paul 54 w P90 Soapbars
Gibson Les Paul Studio
Shecter Strat Ironwood/Palisander
JV Telecaster
Neubauer Custom Maple Rockstrat

Fender 62 Jazzbass
Fender 74 Precision Bass
Fender 54 Preci / Telebass
Warwick 5 String $ Limited Edition
Warwick 4 String $
Ibanez USA Roadbass Prototype
Custom Fretless P/J Style
2x Yamaha Blly Sheehan Signature
60s Hofner Shortscale
Custom made 5-string Bass with Bartolini pickups


RME Fireface UC
RME Multiface
Lake People Wordclock
Creamware and Studer AD/DA

Other instruments

Soundbakery –

Yamaha DX7
Yamaha SY99
Yamaha AN1X
Yamaha CS1X
Roland Juno 60
Bösendorfer Concert Piano

Other stuff

Novation Remote 25 synth and midi-controller
Vermona PDD 501 Programmable Delay
Powercore X8
Keith McMillen Soft Step advanced midi controller pedal
Custom made Re-amping device with impedance control
Tube screamer (with germanium mod)
Tonebender MK II clone with Soviet vintage germanium transistors
OCD clone
Boss ME-5 with classic 80’s analog guitar effects, modded with better caps
Mellow Yellow Tremolo
A collection of vintage soviet effect-pedals
Boss OD-3, Super Octave OC-3
Tonebone Radial Tube Drive
Line-6 Delay, Filter Modeller
Custom made Ringmodulator
Custom made Ringmodulator with envelope follower
Several top-class ethnic instruments like „Sitar“ (from top instrument maker in Varanasi, India) , „Yatga“ from Mongolia, etc.
Console: 56 channel Yamaha 02R 96 RME Madi Interface
Yamaha SPX 2000
Yamaha SPX 990
TC1210 Spatial Expander – Chorus Flanger
Countless guitar pedals

amps-3 amps-2

rack-1 rack-2 comp

rack-4 rack-5