New album finalized!

Working on the amazing songs of Anastasia Postnikova was a blast. I just received the ready mastered tracks and hope you will share my fascination for this album. It will be released in the first half of 2016.  

NEW 2-1176

Two classic 2-1176, one Revision A and one Revision D are finally ready! Only the knobs are missing

REVE GENERAL CD ready mixed&mastered

Just in time for the Rock in Opposition festival in France. When Reve General recorded some tracks on stage before a concert at Le Brise Glace in Annecy nobody thought that this could possibly turn into a cd, but then…here it is, the debut cd of Rêve Général – Howl. Recorded with a minimal amount of equipment, a couple of most usual dynamic



The ep is now available on all major online platforms like itunes, amazon, spotify, deezer etc. Tracklist 1. G-Spot 2. Try To See You Again 3. I Need Your Help Credits Ira Ryzhikova – Vocals Vlad Baratov –  vocals, Bass guitar, electric piano,organ, balalaika Music, lyrics and arrangements by Ira Ryzhikova and Vlad Baratov Semen Kravchenko – guitar Slava Lobanov –


Black Volga

The songs of BLACK VOLGA are produced with a strong retro touch, mixed in the box with some nice hardware-units from the past and emulations of vintage gear.   BLACK VOLGA – EP-ONE Composed, arranged, played, recorded, mixed, produced by Richard Deutsch, Abandoned Zone Studio/St.Petersburg All vocals and vocal lines by Viktoria Trifonova Mastered by Gregor Streng, Sound-bakery/Vienna

NEW 2-channel Tape sim arrived

This two channel tape saturation compressor was built by George Zadvitsky and sounds excellent! Hosted in a wooden box with knobs made from wood it’s one of a kind.


Just welcomed a two channel vintage tube Pultec mic-pre clone which sounds like cream. Thanks to Sasha Khrabunov who cured the friend!  

Nice review about one of our last productions

Музон Мир „Ива Нова“ – бесконечно живой, одухотворённый и, несмотря на весомую техническую оснащённость, вполне несовременный. И как альфа и омега „ивановского“ космоса – женщина, что вовсе не озабочена борьбой за равноправие, женщина, которая знает (как минимум догадывается) о своей подлинной силе.