FOH at Scalaria/DO-X teatro

BAWAG „Kick Off 2017“ with various show-events and key-note speeches at Scalaria’s fantastic DO-X teatro. I had the pleasure to be the FOH-engineer and worked beside a high-rated team of experts for sound, live-visuals and documentation. Smooth sailing for a really successful event… Photocredit: (c) Scalaria Eventresort

We are the European distributor of Nevaton microphones. Check this test – Nevaton mics in the direct comparisson with other top microphone brands.

I am proud about Nevaton! Our Nevaton BPT plays absolutely in the same league like some of the most famous microphones on this planet. But additionally the Nevaton BPT features three capsules, not only one. It can record mono, stereo and surround. And finally it even costs less than a AKG C12. But listen yourself… A microphone test at the